Thursday, May 8, 2008

Law's Lawn Care

The key to success for Law’s Lawn Care has been customer service, customer service, customer service. Ryann Law, company founder and president says the growth his business has experience has come primarily from “wearing himself out” in making sure the company’s customers are happy with the service they receive. In the beginning, Ryann understood that it was important, with this type of company, to contact and connect with his customers in a meaningful way. With his gregarious personality and instant smile, Ryann quickly gained the trust and respect of his client base. His initial marketing strategy of door-to-door contacting is proving to be tremendously successful.

Law’s Lawn Care also has found success as they’ve established personal relationships with all of their clients. This type of relationship goes far beyond typical lawn care company services. For instance, Ryann and his company keep detailed records of each client they serve and whenever possible employees are encouraged to address the client by name when communicating with them. The company also encourages employees to “go the extra mile” by asking clients for their specific preferences in regards to the services they receive. These two strategies have significantly set this company apart from their competition.

Law’s Lawn Care funding has come from self funds. Initially, Ryann agonized over the option to self fund. However, after a few months of being in business, the company’s profits grew substantially. It was then that Ryann knew this funding method would be a success. The first six months of company revenues were $14,500 which the company used to purchase additional equipment. This equipment allowed Law’s Lawn Care to expand their service offering and shortly thereafter they hired their first employee.

As far as the future goes, Law’s Lawn Care continues to develop company strategies based on their core competency - customer service. Future company plans include aggressive growth tactics designed to transition Law’s Lawn Care into a large competitor in the lawn care and landscaping industry. As for the short term, company goals include: hiring two maintenance crews to keep up with company demand, doubling their revenue stream, and allowing the founder and president, Ryann Law, to refocus his efforts on future planning and business strategies.

The Orem SBDC has been instrumental in the success of Law’s Lawn Care. The Center has assisted Ryann with Marketing Strategies, Training Classes, Employee Regulations, and Tax Consulting. With this joint partnership Ryann Law knows he has the keys to ensure his business success.


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Joseph said...

Yeah! I agree customer service is successful in lawn care business, the better services we offered the more they would maintain their services with us. As a lawn owner it is our responsibility to maintain our surroundings.

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eilsel said...

Inquire about possible guarantees with your lawn care service provider. Find out if they can offer warranties. It is inexcusable if they take on a project and without any plans of completing it for one reason or another.
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Matthew said...

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jayme reynolds said...

I actually own a lawn care company that offers green lawn therapy, we even make our own green fertilizer out of lawn clippings from the customers lawns. I invested in a tow behind lawn vacuum that collects all of the clippings and add them to a compost heap a long with some other things. Organic material is a much better fertilizer that doesn't have the risk of polluting the waterways due to run off.

William Abram said...
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